High Speed Automatic Carton Code Printing Machines [DI 250 C (STD)]

Machine is used for printing Batch No, Mfg date: Exp. Date: Rate and other Matter on preprinted cartons with different suitable speed. Machine is printing batch number with help of rubber stereo and ink. Pusher press carton one by one to feed roll and pinch roll then chain lugs pass carton to printing block, where stereo paste on printing block is print batch number with help of ink form ink roller.
Technical Specification  
Carton Size Length: 100mm to 320mm Width: 40mm to185mm
high speed automatic carton code printing machines [DI 250 C (STD)]

Printing Machines [DI 250 C (STD)]

Printing Speed 125 / 180 / 250 Carton per minute
Power 3 Phase / 0.25 HP / 414 V / 1440 RPM
Printing Area Max. 45mm X 75mm
Use of Letter Rubber Stereo
Dimensions (L) 863mm (34”) (W) 762mm (30”) 610mm (24”)
Net Weight 115 Kgs. Approx
Gross Weight 195 Kgs. Approx
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