Semi Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine DSL - 40 (GMP)

This Machine is a versatile wet glue labeller developed for use of the customers requiring lower rate of production. The machine is suitable for labeling on round bottles, jars, tins, cans, containers and other round objects with a speed of 40 units per minute.

Semi Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine is made for labeling on much kind of flat vials used by breweries, distilleries, cosmetics and other industries. It had outstanding flexibility to handle flat vial at very high speed with great precision. The machine also has completely stainless steel finish, no vial no label system, no label no gluing and unique strip gluing system.


Technical Specification  
Speed 30 to 40 Containers / Minutes Semi Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine DSL - 40 (GMP)

labeling machine dsl 40 gmp

Bottel Size Dia. - 35 mm to 120 mm Height - 70 mm to 300 mm
Type of Containers Plastics, Glass, Aluminum, Pet, etc.
Label Size (W) 30 mm to 150 mm (L) 90 mm to 325 mm
Motor 0.25 HP, 440 V. 50Hz. AC.
Application Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages and many more.
Overall Dimension (W) 800 mm X (L) 600 mm X (H) 450 mm
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